You can use your Prepaid Card for your cash withdrawals from ATMs carrying MasterCard logo in all over the world, shopping and also on the internet. In addition, cash withdrawals made from our Bank's ATMs are for free.

For every transaction made from other banks' ATMs in Turkey, in accordance with the amount withdrawn %1.05+1.02 TL (Including BITT), from other banks ATMs abroad, per transaction 8.00 TL (Including BITT) will be charged.(*)

Some ATMs abroad may ask your currency preference during your cash withdrawal. In this case, select the currency of the country that you are currently located in, in order to complete the transaction without the currency exchange. (**)

For cash withdrawal limits please click here.
With your Standard, High or Plus Limit Card you can withdraw money depending on the currency of the card; If the currency of your Standard, High, or Plus limit Card is
TL, you can withdraw 500 TL,
USD, you can withdraw 500 USD,
EURO, you can withdraw 230 EURO,
GBP, you can withdraw 190 GBP

at once. You can view your daily cash withdrawal transaction limits from our web branch located in the main page my card transactions.

With Nakito, Express Card and Card Extra, you can shop online and make your transactions safely with your sole use password which we will send to your mobile by using our 3D Secure service. For detailed information about 3D Secure please click here.

Additionally, our Prepaid Cards can be used in PayPal system.

(*) For higher ATM cash withdrawal limits Large, X-Large, Commercial and Upper Commercial limits are used. You can call our Customer Care Hotline from (212) 373 73 73 for detailed information about limits and charges of the segments mentioned above.

(**) In case of money withdrawals made from ATMs abroad, our Bank cannot be held responsible for currency conversion fees that might be charged because of card holder's preferences made at the time of transaction.