TurkishBank Prepaid Cards now makes your life easier with its new EMV CHIP feature

Features of TurkishBank Prepaid Cards with EMV CHIP:

  • It offers secure and widespread usage in all over the world due to its MasterCard Maestro logo.
  • No need to open a bank account.
  • To complete your transactions without foreign currency translations, in addition to TL, you can determine USD, EUR, and GBP as your card currency.
  • Your Card can be loaded easily at our Branches, Phone Branches or through EFT/SWIFT from other banks. For the detailed information on loading please click here.
  • It provides a secure and fast online shopping due to its 3D Secure feature.

It's 16 TL (*) to obtain NAKITO and CARDEXTRA with EMV CHIP feature right away from our Branches.

If you are far from our Branches you make Online and/ or Phone application to get the Card.

To be informed about our Prepaid Cards with EMV CHIP feature and apply at once please click here.

You can call our Customer Care Hotline from (212) 373 73 73 for all the details that you wonder to know about our cards.

(*) Mentioned fee is the card cost for 2 years as the cards have 2 years maturity.