Prepaid Card Fees and Commissions List

Card Fee (when applied from Branches) 10.50 TL (Magnetic Stripe)
16 TL (EMV Chip)
Card Fee (Online / Telephone application) (*) 21.75 TL (Magnetic Stripe)
27 TL (EMV Chip)
Return of balance (In case of lost/stolen/cancelled card) 8.00 TL
Money Deposit (With card) Free
Money Deposit (Without card) %2 of deposited amount
(Max. 8.00 TL, incl. tax)
Money Deposit (at post offices) 12.50 TL (Incl. tax)
Money Transfer Between Cards 8.00 TL (Between 08:30 – 18:00, on Weekdays)
10.75 TL (Otherwise)
Cash Withdraw from ATMs (in Turkey) %1.05 of withdrawn amount
+ 1.02 TL (Incl. tax)
Cash Withdraw from ATMs (International) 8 TL(**)
Shopping Free
Account statements (via e-mail) Free
Account Statements via POS or ATM 1.05 TL
Special Account Statement Requests 27 TL

(*) Applied for shipping addresses within Turkey. Your approval for the card fee will be requested by our Customer Support Service for cards that are ordered to be shipped abroad.

(**)For higher ATM cash withdrawal limits Large, X-Large, Commercial and Upper Commercial limits are used. You can call our Customer Care Hotline from (212) 373 73 73 for detailed information about limits and charges of the segments mentioned above.