No Longer Need To Carry Money With You, Just Carry Your Nakito While Abroad!

You can install any amount of money to your USD, EUR or GBP Nakito, withdraw cash from all ATMs with MasterCard logo, and make a reliable shopping via POS machines, Internet and contracted shops.

Moreover, you are not affected by foreign exchange loss.

You spent too much? Nakito, the cheapest way of sending money abroad!

The cheapest way to transfer money to abroad - Nakito! If you need money, your relatives in Turkey can deposit cash to your Nakito via TurkishBank branches or EFT to your card number from other banks. The cost of this transaction is 2%, maximum 8 TL.

How Can You Apply?

To get Nakito, there is no need to hold an acco by telephone or please visit our nearest branch.

For applications made at a branch magnetic stripe card fee is 10.50 TL and EMV Chip card fee is 20 TL. For applications submitted online or by phone, in addition to the card fee, a courier cost would be asked.

The maximum delivery time is 10 days for phone or online applications. For urgent delivery requests, please contact our Customer Support Line from (212) 373 73 73.unt at our Bank. It would be enough to fill the form which you can reach through the Online Application page, call (212) 373 73 73 for the application.

You can get a Nakito from any TurkishBank branch by paying only 10.5TL.

Moreover, without a bank account, account maintenance fee or card fee, freely ...

We invite you to our branches in order to meet and provide information about the other advantages of Nakito.

You can also apply by calling TurkishBank Customer Support Line +90 (212) 373 73 73.