Loading Money

You can load your prepaid card;

  • From TurkishBank Branches by cash
  • From your accounts at TurkishBank Branches
  • Through EFT or SWIFT from your accounts at other banks
  • Through UPT from PTT Branches
  • From our Group Bank TurkishBank UK Branches in England
  • From our Group Bank Türk Bankası Branches in TRNC

Through EFT or UPT, you can transfer money in TL to your prepaid card that has USD, EURO, or GBP currency. In this case, loading transaction will be completed on the same day as the amount transferred through EFT or UPT will be converted to the currency of your card by using our pay desk's advantageous rate of exchange.

While you are in England you can load money in TL, USD, EUR and GBP to your Prepaid Card from Center and Harringay Branches of our Group Bank TurkishBank UK. The money sent until 15:00 London Time/ 17:00 Istanbul time would be loaded to your card on the same day.
If you are located in TRNC, you can put money onto your prepaid card from 18 Branches of our Group Bank Türk Bankası.

Our friendly Turkish speaker staffs will help you in every case and will feel you like your doing your transactions in Turkey at TurkishBank UK and Türk Bankası Branches.

Please make sure that sections below are filled when you make a transfer through EFT, SWIFT and UPT from other banks and PTT Branches.

For Transferring Money through EFT and/or UPT;

  • Receiver Bank: TurkishBank A.Ş
  • Receiver Branch: TurkishBank A.Ş EFT Center
  • Receiver Account/ Card No: Card Number with 16 Digits
  • Receiver Name-Surname:Name and Surname of the Card Holder
  • Statement: Prepaid Card Money Loading
  • Amount: Amount that will be loaded (TL)

For Transferring Money through SWIFT ;

  • Receiver Bank: TurkishBank A.Ş. (SWIFT code is “TUBATRISXXX”)
  • Receiver Branch: Branch of the Card
  • Receiver Name-Surname: Your Name and Surname
  • Receiver Card No: Your Card No.
  • Statement: Prepaid Card Money Loading
  • Amount: Amount that will be loaded

SMS will be sent to our mobile to inform you about the amount loaded to your Prepaid Card and your last balance. Maximum 8.00 TL and 2% of the amount will be charged for all the loading transactions including EFT, SWIFT and UPT made without the card from our Branches.