Card Payment Point

Credit Card payment may be made thru;

  • Branches
  • Cashmatic (ATM) (you can make your payment from your account with CashCard)
  • Internet Branches
  • EFT from other banks.

You may instruct your branch to make automatic payment for your card debt from your account.

Issues To Be Considered For Your Credit Cards Safety

Please pay attention to the following issues for your cards safety.

  • Card is private. Please do not share your Credit Card, CashCard and Prepaid Card with someone else.
  • Cardholder is responsible for maintaining PIN. Do not share your PIN with anybody, even the bank staff. Take measures for your PIN security. Do not generate an easy predictable PIN. Do not write your PIN on your card or any other documents. Please dispose the PIN envelop after changing your PIN from ATM.
  • Please contact our bank when your PIN is learned by others, your card is lost \ stolen or when it is used without your permission.
  • Please request the limit as you can afford.
  • Do not accept any assistance while using Cashmatics or ATMs. Get assistance only from authorized.
  • Do not forget your card in the ATM after transaction.
  • Never share your card and personal information with anyone on the phone or internet.
  • Please control your receipt carefully after shopping.
  • Do not use your card at public computers for on-line shopping, use it only at safety computers while doing transactions.
  • If you see an unusuel equipment or apparatus on the cashmatic or ATM, do not use it. Please inform our bank by contact number.
  • Please give information to our bank if your card or money is stuck in ATM.
  • Do not leave from ATM during the transaction.
  • Dispose your expired card when you recieve your renewed card.
  • Please report your address changes within 15 days to your branch.

Contact Number

Customer Support Line: +90-212 373 73 73 (During working hours)

Provus: +90-212 332 00 88 (Outside of working hours)


You may use the following forms for; Contact Information Change Form and Spending Objection Form form for requests to our Branches or Customer Support Line.