With CashCard, you don't need any more to carry cash!

With CashCard you can shop worldwide, and satisfy your cash needs by having access to your account over all ATMs with a MasterCard logo on them on a 7/24 basis.

With your CashCard, you can do the following transactions by using our Bank's ATMs at any time during a day:

  • -Cash withdrawal from your account
  • -Balance inquiry
  • -Money transfer (via card number or account number)
  • -Money transfer between your accounts (by-transfer)
  • -Credit Card Payments
  • -Changing your PIN
  • -Getting mini account statements

Besides, you can withdraw cash and inquire your balance from ATMs of other banks in Turkey.

If you wish, you can view your transactions in your CashCard account statements that will be automatically e-mailed to you at the end of a relevant month.

Just visit now a Turkish Bank branch near you to enjoy the privileges that CashCard offers.

You can read more details about CashCard on our page, or contact our Branches or call our Customer Care Hotline at 0212 373 73 73.