Prepaid Card Features

Load and Spend!
No Due Date! No Interest!
Express Card, Card Extra and Nakito are PIN based prepaid bank cards.
It is possible to use these prepaid cards without a cardholder's name on the card.
The only person who can do transactions with the card is the person who knows the PIN.
By this way your prepaid card balance will be protected even if you loose your card.

Prepaid card currency can be set to TRL, USD, EURO or GBP according to your preference.
You can load your prepaid card whenever you want and use it for shopping or withdrawing money from ATMs all around the world.

Please click to find nearest ATM worldwide using MasterCard ATM Locator.

You can make your online shoppings in a safe manner at “MasterCard Secure Code” logo web sites via Turkish Bank 3D Secure Payment Service. Please click here for Turkish Bank 3D Secure Payment Service details.

You can also own anonymous prepaid cards from our branches instantly, load money as much as you want and give them as a gift to your beloveds.

Additional prepaid cards; may be created by Express, Extra or Nakito; and provide the same comfort and services to your youngsters studying out of town or abroad, to your assistant supporting you for houseworks or to your employees you want to reward.

You can also take additional prepaid card advantages of sending money to your relatives living out of town or abroad in order to get rid of high money transfer costs and wasting time.

Load money to your additional prepaid card any time and ensure the instant transfer.

Money loading transaction will be notified spontaneously via an SMS to cardholder's mobile phone all over the world.

Express Card, Card Extra and Nakito can be used worldwide for shopping or cash advance wherever the Mastercard Logo is available.

Our cards Card Extra and Nakito are offered in two options, the magnetic striped card and EMV CHIP Card.

EMV CHIP feature offers the user safer transactions and widespread use overseas.

When your Prepaid Card falls due and/ or is about to expired your card will be renewed automatically.

Due to that, you need to get new card by applying to our Branches and/or by calling our Customer Care Hotline from (212) 373 73 73.